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baniszew ([personal profile] baniszew) wrote2013-02-20 11:52 am

Tea Time (again)

I opened the Monk's Blend this morning and was filled with nostalgia at the dusky aroma and the bright yellow flower petals among the ceylon leaves. Brewed up, this tea is not quite as strongly flavored as the stuff I used to get from Tea Zone, but it still the same lovely and familiar warmth of pomegranite and black tea mixed with soothing vanilla.

I also tried the Casablanca herbal blend. With blue cornflower, yellow calendula, and pink hibiscus petals, this is one of the prettiest teas you'll ever look at. The currants, rosehips, and strawberries combine to make it a lively, juicy tea. So very tasty.

Two more samples from Culinary Teas left for tomorrow!

Also, while at the eastern European food store in Allston, I picked up some Malinowa (raspberry) herbal tea, from a Polish company called Malwa. It's pretty good, though it lacks a certain complexity. It says, "I am made of berries, lots of berries, would you like some more raspberries with that?" But it's a real berry taste, not a cloying fake berry taste.