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I had a dream where I was at a school playground in a park full of
lakes. A bunch of us had just been kayaking. It was overrun by giant dragon-snakes,
who were usually good (we had an alignment chart), but someone had cursed them to attack.
An emerald dragon bit my foot. I was on the monkey bars at the time.
I think they were poisonous. We were mostly glad that whoever was
controlling them wasn't having them breath fire or anything. They
were about 5 feet in diameter and 40 feet long? They moved by arching their bodies in
vertical waves like sea serpents, but on land. There was an excellent tan one with
red and blue diamonds on his back in the swimming pool.
Everyone was surprisingly calm. Unless they'd been bitten.
Then they got scared, but were still pretty quiet. There were a bunch of
people with cars driving people to hospitals. My dad drove me in our old Chevette
which we haven't had since I was five.
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I had a dream where bunch of us were sent to a beach house as some
prize for a contest, with the chance to win more prizes by doing
things like making the best party food. We found some kind of
airlock into virtual reality, and it shut down when [ profile] doma and [ profile] inari0
were in it. When it came back on, [ profile] inari0 was gone, and [ profile] doma and I
started doing a giant crossword puzzle on a glass wall that dropped
down like a cliff from the airlock to find him.

More people kept disappearing, and I realized that the secret special
prize at the end would actually go to the only one left alive, and
that we were all in a battle royale game in virtual reality. Ridiculous bad-movie-script
type things started happening, like two party guests finding out they
were twins separated at birth, to keep people from noticing what was really going on.
the people who stuck us in virtual reality showed up posed as
security guards, and I was the only one who recognized them.

People were trying to capture me because they said I'd become crazy
and paranoid, but I grabbed two pen-like things off of one of the
security agents. they were filled with vials of poison, and a needle
came out and auto-injected the poison whenever you stabbed someone.
I stabbed everyone with poison, but it was slow acting, so they
chased me. I stoped to get some of the delicious cake that either
josh or my brother made that filled up a quarter of a room, and then
we were ina movie theatre, watching the movie of the party, and
people cheered for kchen's name as cheif editor, and mine as the lead
actress, and said their was talk that I might win an oscar for my
portrayal of the paranoid crazy lady. I didn't remember ever having
been recruited to act in a movie, so I wanted to hurry off to check
IMDB to make sure te movie was real, and that we weren't still in the
government battle royale game.

Then everyone was drawing on the moon with lazer pointers.
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I had a dream where I was in a resort town where everyone ended up
staying forever, and they were all kind of brainwashed in that "We are
all very happy with this town, you must be happy, too," kind of way.
It was like The Village in spirit, but in look it was more like
Ohtori in the Utena movie.

I'd come there and uncovered the sinister motives of some people
running it, and their secret police were chasing me for not being
happy. There was a bunch of running and dodging through weird
architecture and strangely dressed crowds. Then I was sitting on a
couch in a lounge with [ profile] ratatosk, who turned my plastic sword from
rainbow changing color in the z direction to changing color in the
theta direction, so that it became like a thick fruit roll up and
eating it would make the secret police forget that I was an unhappy
miscreant and stop following me.

An agent of the secret police came in after I'd eaten about two
thirds of the sword, and he talked to [ profile] ratatosk and I for a long time
while I tried to discreetly take more bites of the sword while he
wasn't looking.
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I had a dream about this group of people who did performance art
while driving. They did it once a week on some big nonexistant 93ish
highway (I think it was 89 in the dream) near the junction with
28. I'd forgotten which day of the week they performed, and was
very scared to realize I was driving on 89 that day and I was
worried I'd get run off the road.

That day they were playing "road chess". Their cars were
covered with these incredibly tall and beautifully built
structures that made them look like chess pieces, and they would
move around the "board" by speeding up, slowing down, or
changing lanes. I think I only saw pawns, but they were at least
five stories tall. At first I thought they were queens. The real
queens must have been terrifying. It was pretty cool to watch.

Clearly I need to convince rax to start a road chess league.
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I had a dream where there was a guy on my porch trying to break into the house, so I banged on the window until he got scared and jumped off. Then he jumped back up to the (second story) porch and tried again, and I banged on the window again. I remember looking at the corner of my room, which was painted like my real room except the top had wide mint green molding, and thinking that I didn't want to move to a new apartent because I'd have to paint again, but I guess there was nothing I could do about it. Then the guy was back. Thethird time he jumped off the porch I chased after him, but I lost him in the busy downtown traffic, so I ducked around behind a truck to a gas station where I ordered a pizza and paid for it, except the tip. I ran off after the guy while I waited for it to cook. I ran into [ profile] seborn who was standing in a patch of sunlight and marveling that the rain was finally going to stop. I didn't really want the rain to stop, so I concentrated and pulled the big swirling white cloud back over us, making it dark and rainy again. Then I picked up my pizza, which was now chinese food, and ate it at [ profile] kelkyag's house, which was full of older twinkies who shared the food and talked about how eating different kinds would change your nametag and affect what airlines you could get on. Then I think I got someone to drive me home.
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I haven't posted in a while. (Since it's my policy never to write posts that exclude specific people, because I feel like that's a sign of passive-agressive-ness, I often end up writing in a specific-yet-vague style so I don't say too much, and that style has just not seemed appropriate to most of my thoughts recently.) Anyway, I'm going to put the dream I had this morning here instead of on zephyr, so in one more way the world will know that I am still alive.

I was in costume for a play that my theatre class was performing for our final. I think it involved a short blue wig and a short magenta tinsel skirt. After my part in my play was done, I walked home past all these other plays that kept thinking I was part of them and trying to pull me in. And I passed someone from the Assassin's Guild on teh way home who was dressed as an elk or something who took my picture.

Then I was going to commencement to the person who was my best friend in elementary school graduate. her mother was there, and she now had little sisters. We didn't have good seats for commencement, so we went to my room to work on the commencement mystery hunt. We found a puzzle that involved a bunch of sticky notes with morse code on them hidden in my manga. The mother made me work on it all by myslef, because she thought manga were a creation of the devil. (somehow she'd switched from a black, moderately religious woman to a white religious fanatic.)

Then I woke up in bed (in the dream - this is after i'd pushed the snooze alarm) and found a piece of stationary. Someone had ordered a bunch of evangelion stationary, and I was getting the NERV stationary to control the evas. Why the pieces of stationary had bits of fifth east angst written on them is less clear. :) I'm not sure who was receiving the angels stationary to control them, because the dream never actually showed the battles.

And that's all I remember.
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The sunday comics really aren't very good these days. Too many obvious, tired jokes, and too many complaints about the world delivered in ways which are neither interesting nor funny. Perhaps i should read more webcomics.

Though sleeping regularly hasn't made me feel much better, I have been dreaming lmost every night. and i've now had two different dreams which involved saving the world through a SIK game. Such a silly subconcious i have. Still, I wish I was as good with a dart gun as in the dream last night, or had the ability to just grab the railing and fling myself down stairs like in the dream last week. But it would be bad if the nuclear reactor were right next to building 8 and in game-space. And i don't really want people trying to hunt me down to sacrifice me in large jacuzzis.

Things accomplished since returning home: 0
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I've been getting more than enough sleep every night.
-> I've been having/remembering a lot more dreams.
-> I finally broke down and started a dream journal.
-> I got in the mood for writing, so I actually got some LARP stuff done.

Though I really should have worked on my Changeling character or a game for which I'm already on a GM team, instead of writing the scenario for my crazy idea from teh end of the semester. But this is fun.

I'd forgotten how different White Wolf chronicles are from Guild Games. But NPCing at Mage Friday was fun. Mostly because LARP inherently involves hanging out with geeks. And getting to dress up in silly clothing and act like I'm doing magic. And have negotiations for peoples souls. (Wait, I've done that in real life, too. Though I was mostly just trying to keep my own soul.) I know how I'll be spending my Fridays.

Also, I've realized that my subconcious works a lot like my concious mind when creating stories. It does quite well at creating setting or characters or premises, but it doesn't really get how to combine those things and how to effectively resolve a plotline. These issues just frustrate my concious mind and make me not write much. However, my unconcious mind has no such filters. And I don't really mind that the characters don't seem to match with the settings. I still get dreams with stunning cinematography and epic levels of emotion. But then amusement park rides or plastic toys or gummy candoies are used as major plot points in the resolution. Not that I haven't built some really kick-ass roller caosters and water slides in my head. Or that it isn't amusing that I got to decide the fate of the world in a candy store. But if I want there to be any hope that the stories will be more than just amusing and maintain that epic level, I shouldn't go from running along pontoon bridges across gunboats under a pitch black sky lit only by the supernaturally bright streaks of light from enemy gunfire with Laura47 and her cb1 to setting up a defense with them by removing tiny plastic airplanes that might go with a model aircraft carrier from the scrap plastic bars left attached to them in the molding process. I even laughed at my own dream while asleep last night because the Disney logo appeared at one point in the transition between two scenes.

Summary: My mind is weird. But we knew that. I just get to watch it in full color 3D now that I'm sleepin
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Copy and paste the following code onto your website or journal:

What 8-Bit Theatre character are you? at LeetAssQuotes. NecroVMX

I had another one of my dreams where I get to try to save the world last night, though this one was kind of unusual. Most notably, it's the first time I got to see the end. It also wasn't just me trying to fend off the forces of evil. There were three of us. Furthermore, this one wasn't entirely original source material. But I suppose if my dreams have to steal from somewhere, they could do much worse then Utena (with a little bit of Lord of the Rings). There were copious amounts of rose imagery; the Bad Guy (TM) looked a lot like Akio; and to get some of the magical spiffy stuff I needed, I had to go to his house vy making a flying leap into his very red convertible (though it was also a stretch limo, and I think the exterior was black). There was a girl in teh car who was very clearly the Rose Bride.

I'm used to having my immediate family around at the beginning of these dreams, and then having them fade into the background, like my Mom did in this one, but this time my brother (who wasn't actually my brother in the dream) was an agent for the forces of evil who ultimately helped save the world and ended up ruling it with me and the eldest daughter of some aristocratic family who owned a black and white cat. Black and white cats were key. So was the magic ring that looked like a novelty eraser shaped like a sandwhich.

In the Apocalyptic dreams, there usually aren't any characters who are people I know outside the dream besides my family. There was one in this dream. [ profile] zebediah kept appearing throughout the dream with little pieces of paper taped to his forehead, from the very beginning where I was in some haunted house lit by black lights after winning the lego and/or bubble gum championship, to the end where he conveyed some very important thematic message about the papers on his forehead. The bits of paper were all written in different colors of pen. They looked like things you would tape onto the bottom of your badge in a guild game. They said things about him being an item, or allowing either him or me to sacrifice items of a certain color to gain abilities. Very weird.

But in the end the forest spirit decided we were worthy and let us live, and I defeated the cat's head, my brother healed all the people he poisoned, and the other girl decided she didn't want to free herself from feeling all world's pain. We stripped Akio of all his power, but let him live. I assume we probably went to do something about the Two Towers after that.

Hmm. Usually in dreams where I develop magical powers, I get to fly. Not in ths one. That's slightly sad.

Oh, well. It's nice to know that the world actually does get saved and I don't fail and become a minion of evil


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