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Just one more in the long list of signs I'm over scheduled by a lot. :-/
But vacation soon, so maybe that will help, except that I'll probably spend the whole thing running around trying to see people in CA.

Work is not on fire, but isn't great. Gym is super weak, diet is also weak. Other stuff:

2 Mondays ago: Torino was canceled. I don't remember if there was a replacement plan? Probably Civ VI.
2 Tuesdays ago: Auria! The Gretchenita festival, with mjperson-coup and ilhander guest starring as bartender.
2 Wednesdays ago: Nothing I remember? Probably just civ.
2 Thursdays ago: The Sophisticate came over for a massage.
2 Fridays ago: To DC! Flight was late but not canceled, which was better than all the other shuttles to DC that night, so win? Just got in and went to Bethesda and didn't do anything.
2 Saturdays ago: Family in the morning, then Bro-in-law took his two eldest to Vermont and sis and youngest and I went to gotspit's BBQ with ironrat and needs-a-nickname. Food was yummy, but too many people I didn't know. gotspit's brother reminds me a lot of thatwesguy, though. Then dropped by to see the Instrumentologist in the evening.
2 Sundays ago: Dim Sum with CBF, then Spiderman Homecoming with ironrat and needs-a-nickname. I enjoyed it, and thought the kid playing Spiderman was quite good, but it didn't quite click on all cylinders, somehow. Call it 8 days of game before being dropped to its death by the Vulture. (Did they ever actually call him that?)
Monday: Seafall. Still haven't opened the final box. According to Zelai that's because we already found the thing to open it and didn't realize we had. Grr. We'll see how next game goes.
Tuesday: Auria canceled 'cause of the Riggins' trip, so I think I just played Civ?
Wednesday: algorithmancy came over to play Heroes Welcome.
Thursday: Killbot's Warhammer run. We tracked down a beastmen camp, didn't get killed, and led the guard to blow it up.
Friday: Rome meeting, then massage for the gladhander.
Saturday: Went to work, but mostly napped, and then couldn't sleep at night.
Sunday: Cheese at tedlandia with justom, then chicken, then went and did some of the work I didn't do on Saturday.
Tonight: Torino! Heard about three new gods (athiests, betrayal, and senators), warned Livia about the threat to the senator-god (the thing she actually seemed to learn from that was that the Senator-Saint was in town), puttered with Tanaka (perhaps he'll get my memories back? and investigating Sand, the new drug replacing Rock), talked to the gnome alchemist about gremlin treats, and played with Marius' warren.


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